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    Sunday, September 28th, 2003
    8:53 pm
    It's finally up!
    After even more pain and suffering...

    I found out that I had to compile Perl as a static module because as a dynamic module, the httpd would just crash half a second after it goes up... without any error messages or anything! That was really annoying. First, I tried configuring Perl with apxs, something that allows it to build outside of the Aptilis source directory, so it can add on to an existing installation as a DSO (dynamic shared object... still dynamic). That didn't work, but I used that procedure to recompile PHP as that.

    Then I tried recompiling it as a static module following the suggestion of this Perl Recipe book (since it appears that has the highest success rate in OS X), using a perl make procedure that will compile it concurrently with Apache. I found that it worked fine... if all the other modules went bye-bye. This was unacceptable as even 'make test' a self diagnostic program for it which I used to determine whether the server would stick around after one second, needed some modules. So I compiled successively with each module that make test would need (first static, then as shared as I got braver) and then what httpd.conf needed. This I did instead of telling it to try to make all the modules it can. So... apparently, the problem causing modules was weeded out in this manner.

    Oh, forgot to mention that before I did that brute force procedure, I tried to compile each module individually and install it on the already made server using apxs... Wasn't very successful. They wouldn't load for "unknown reason". Idiotic server.

    In any case, that made successfully... Then I went through half a day thinking the LJ code was broken when it was just me missing a curly brace after editting the configuration file. Not very user friendly. In the end, that was set up. Another half a day wasted in figuring out that the distribution DEMANDED that you confirm your e-mail WITHOUT GIVING YOU THE MEANS. And it didn't even include as stupid thing to generate invite codes!

    As revenge, I ripped off the entire LJ website from their CVS server (this is allowed) so that I get all the scripts. The result is a heavy commercialized clone of LiveJournal (always wanting you to purchase):

    If you want an invite code, you can ask me somehow...

    Current Mood: accomplished
    Friday, September 26th, 2003
    9:56 pm
    Wasting time...
    So, I've been wasting a lot of time lately: both after school and at home. Pretty much, every day this week I've delayed going home by hanging out with people. People including Shiyuan and Jackie (once or twice), but mostly Shiyuan. Strange, but she seems to want me to go with her shopping. Of course, I am utterly incompetent and I give advice only udner heavy pressure. I say things are "ok" because that's what I say about everything (if you haven't noticed a pattern), but that's apparently not all right with her. I'm supposed to be spending more time on college and SAT preparation and so forth... I picked a not very good couple of years to decide not to take the order of my parents as gospel. Heh. Well... maybe any time is a good time.

    So... I'm currently working on installing a LiveJournal server. This is the greatest test of my Linux skills ever. First of all, I'm installing on Darwin which is sort of like a weird bastard Linux, so half the things won't compile without tinkering. I first found out that I need to install some Perl modules. As the admin gave me sudo priviliges (pretty much entire control of his computer), this should've been pretty easy. Ordinarily, this would just require going into CPAN (a utility that makes it very easy to download and install modules) and typing Install and it would do it for you. Then, I discovered that to install a certain module, I needed to upgrade Perl. This is where things get complicated.

    CPAN first tried to install Perl itself, failing miserably. So I had to step in and manually tinker with some settings and I had to go through the misery of being interrogated by ./configure (getting a couple of questions wrong, but the world didn't fall apart... yet). So it finally compiled and I got it installed.

    Then I started actually installing modules using CPAN. First, it complained of not being able to use certain libraries (Storable), so I had to go through and tinker a bit again and then pretty much cleaned out all the old junk (from a couple of failed installations) and try again with a fresh thing. Also, I had to basically disembowel the computer and rip out some crappy old code before reinstalling. This seemed to work.

    Finally, CPAN worked and I started to install modules. Pretty much everything worked except for the absolutely essential mysql thing (it failed the tests because I didn't have root password for mysql), Storable (had to eviscerate the computer again before it would work), GD::Graph, Proc:ProcessTable, and XML::RSS. LiveJournal people should know about RSS, which allows all the news sites of the Internet to spew out information in a unified format. All of the modules took a long time to install (with a lot of configure and make garbage scrolling by, some interrogated me) and some required more than one try to get rid of an old bad download of the code.

    In the end, I had to simply not use Proc::ProcessTable. As for the others, I found I needed to install and compile the GD and expat libraries first. The expat thing took me awhile to figure out that I needed but it was relatively straightforward to install (standard Linux configure, make, make install). GD was much harder. First of all, I had to get GD, find out through configure that I had to install the libpng, libjpeg, freetype, and xpm libraries as well... I didn't end up installing xpm (I was like screw it... who uses X Windows).... freetype was straightforward to install... libpng uses nonstandard make files, annoyingly. Thank god that worked, though. But libjpeg wasn't recently updated and it didn't even know about Darwin... I had to find instructions for installing Perl (that I didn't use for complicated reasons) and use part of those (only a part... the whole thing screwed it up) and compile using that. Very complicated. Finally got that to work.

    Then I finally installed the modules.

    Then for LiveJournal. First I had to get it a user account... This was extraordinarily annoying because OS X does not have any command line utility for doing that... I had to download some third party thing which are scripts using niutil (I learned a bit about how passwords are processed in Linux in modern times, though). It took me awhile to figure out because I had to make sure the new user account had to match the old ones as closely as possible. Because of miswritten scripts, I had to go back, figure out how to use niutil manually and fix some stuff. However, I now have a hacked account!

    Then I downloaded and unpacked LiveJournal. I found out then through its self-diagnosis utility that it needed something called Apache::Constants. When I downloaded, I found out it needed mod_perl... which requires a source distribution of Apache (the web server) and not the binary one that comes with the Mac...

    So... now I'm compiling Apache.

    Isn't this wonderful?

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    Monday, September 22nd, 2003
    8:24 pm
    Math Test
    So, today we were given a math test. The test was all right for the most part: It wasn't the most challenging thing in the world, but it wasn't easy either. There were a couple of interesting problems, like proving continuity and differentiability and also functions defined on segments. I haven't seen problems quite like that before, so that was interesting.

    However, problem #8, the last problem on the test was extremely difficult indeed. It entailed proving the derivative of cos x is -sin x.

    WARNING: Solution does follow, but use honor code. It should not be read until tommorrow afternoon.

    Of course, Mr. Slusher... I can't remember his first name, but he told us to call him that... starts with a C? Chuck! Well, he gave us several clues. In the problem, he told us to prove a lemma first, that... Oh shoot... forgot what the lemma was again. Anyway, the lemma was pretty contrived. Working backwards (starting from (sin x)^2 = (sin x)^2), it is (1-cos (x))/h = ((sin x)^2)/(h(1+cos x)). It was something like that. The x's may have been h's as well, but it works in either case. In any case, the first thing it reminded me of the cos (x+h) - cos x part of the limit definition for the derivative of cos x. This lead me down a false trail. An additional clue (two clues to do a single prove makes one really feel like one's hand is being held... however, as he didn't take us through a linear sequence of proofs and gave us a list of tools we can use, I guess he didn't really have a choice... I don't really want to prove the trig from scratch) was that the limit as h approaches 0 of ((sin h)^2)/(h(1+cos h)) = 1. Thank you Mr. Slusher, for giving us the hint. Unfortunately, that was a LIE!

    Anyway, the key is a trig identity that wasn't available to me, as I sort of didn't have my formula book. Anyway, after I got home and after hours of suspecting I needed it but refusing to believe that Mr. Slusher, the guy who says he can't remember such details, would deal a low blow like that, I finally pulled the right identity from the Internet (didn't have my math book with me). The key really was to separate cos (x+h) 'cause that's impossible to deal with. Anyway:

    Limit as h approaches 0 (the limits stay on all through this algebra) of (cos (x+h) + cos (x))/h = ((cos x)(cos h) - (sin x)(sin h) + cos (x))/h = ((cos x)((cos h) + 1) - (sin x)(sin h))/h = (cos x)((sin h)^2)/(h(1+cos h)) - (sin x)(sin h)/h.

    Now comes the fudging. We know the limit as h approaches 0 of (sin h)/h = 1. Remember, Chuck used this to "prove" that the derivative of sin x is cos x. (That wasn't really believeable though.) Well, since that exists, (sin x)(sin h)/h exists, since (sin x) is just constant in this case. We also know that the limit of ((sin h)^2)/(h(1+cos h)) exists, so (cos x)((sin h)^2)/(h(1+cos h)) exists. So, now with the addition rule for limits, we can split the limit up and simplify:

    (cos x) lim ((sin h)^2)/(h(1+cos h)) - (sin x) lim (sin h)/h.

    At this point, we have to know that Chuck was lying and that lim ((sin h)^2)/(h(1+cos h)) = 0. So, plugging everything in:

    (cos x) * 0 - (sin x) * 1 = -sin x

    Yay. So Mr. Slusher both gave us hints and also threw kinks in the road a bit. Oh well.

    In other news, I gave Jackie the gift today (color sharpies). It was well received, but she was too sick to talk much and I didn't really get a chance to talk to her. I will be ready to accept her abundant surprise and gratitude tomorrow, though. ;-P She gave me back a drawing (made with the provided sharpies) which was a very nice gesture. Reminiscent of girls back in the day when they were young and innocent: Very sweet, I thought. :-P

    Of course, I must not leave out any of my other Constitution unit compatriots. If I could find out their birthdays, that would facilitate my purpose. I did try to buy something for Fatima today as we visited Safeway (didn't really want to go home and so I hung out in the library with her and afterwards walked with her to Safeway). Some food item that she has never tried, but she didn't let me. Oh well.

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    Sunday, September 21st, 2003
    8:58 pm
    Asimov Story
    A great Asimov robot story can be read here. It'll probably go away soon, because it's Google cached, so better hurry. It contains one of his George and Azazel stories, modelled on P. G. Wodehouse. I personally think it's very good...

    Also of interest (a quote) to Luke and others who are applying to you-know-where:

    "Instantly, for her sense of the correct is as keen as mine, or, at least, as keen as mine used to be. She said, 'Winthrop, you are improperly shod.' For some reason, her voice seemed to grate on me. I said 'Hortense, if I want to be improperly shod, I can be, and you can go to New Haven if you don't like it.'"

    "New Haven? Why New Haven?"

    "It's a miserable place. I understand they have some sort of Institute of Lower Learning there called Yell or Jale or something like that. Hortense, as a Radcliffe woman of the most intense variety, chose to take my remark as an insult merely because that was what I intended it to be." ...

    And also:

    He was, of course, cut by everyone in New England of any consequence whatsoever, exactly as I had predicted. Even in New Haven at the institute of Lower Learning, which Winthrop had mentioned with such shudderings of distaste, his case was known and his disgrace was gloried in. There was graffiti all over the walls of Jale, or Yule, or whatever its name is, that said, with cheerful obscenity, "Winthrop Carver Cabwell is a Harvard man."

    This was, as you can well imagine, fiendishly resented by all the good people of Harvard and there was even talk of an invasion of Yale. The states of both Massachusetts and Connecticut made ready to call up the State Militia but, fortunately, the crisis passed. The fire-eaters, both at Harvard and the other place, decided that a war would get their clothes mussed up.

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    11:33 am
    I gave my mom a printed and signed copy of the agenda for today and she immediately becomes all nice and stuff.

    God, I hate her mood swings.

    Current Mood: amused
    11:29 am
    Agenda, etc.
    Here's what I planned for today:

    1. Biology timeline
    2. Breakfast
    3. Print out Siemens project for future use
    4. Finish physics problems
    5. French essay (do or not?)
    6. Lunch
    7. Go downtown to
    - purchase school supplies
    - visit the library (must bring P&P book, and Siemens)
    - work on English (?)
    8. Dinner
    9. Finish English
    10. To be assigned.

    So my parents ambushed me and woke me up at 11:00 today. At first my mom was acting all nice and sweet and stuff, and then they reached the topic of school, college, etc. Of course, I didn't really want to hear it and thus began my mom's nagging episode. I was a little peeved so I decided on a vow of silence for the day to see how I would react. Sure enough, without putting a foot wrong and without speaking a word (she didn't notice that I hadn't said anything) my mom began her long winded criticism of me with everything from study habits to why I don't do any sports. (She also purposed earlier in the day that I do a PSU statistics class, and my dad disagreed so she might've been a little pissed from that). I remained silent and went about my agenda while she sort of escalated her tirade (she didn't even notice I was doing homework). My dad was making me clean up my backpack. I didn't speak so it was a little hard to tell him that I intended to do it after I finished homework. Oh well, so I ended up cleaning it up anyway and got a little flak from him for various hard-to-explain stuff.

    All in all, not starting out a good day, today. But still, it's amusing how these people can yell at me without provocation.

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    Saturday, September 20th, 2003
    11:01 pm
    LHS Backdoor Update
    Anyway, I did this hours ago, but might as well give my journal an update. I tried doing stage 2 of the backdoor in this way this morning. I made a little daemon that would listen on the port for one command and relay it to a persistent connection on the telnet port. This way, you can effectively divide one long session into the several small ones that PHP can handle (since it is non-interactive).

    Unfortunately, this failed. I don't know why... the thing just didn't relay commands successfully, and I can't debug effectively at all from the current backdoor. Well, it worked on paper (and on my auxillary Linux server).

    Oh well.

    Also, I got nothing in terms of school work done today. Let's take a quick stock: Biology - timeline, Math - homework, English - paper, French - essay, History - nothing, Physics - homework. Heh. 5/6 again. I HATE THIS!

    My emotions are weird. They are acute.

    Current Mood: discontent
    10:41 pm
    I have two cousins, and both of them live back in my hometown (home-metropolis, rather) of Shanghai. One of them is three years my senior and the other three years my junior. Both of them are female. I visit them both during my infrequent visits back home, but now the older one (who is in college) has bought a computer and makes occasional attempts at contacting me via e-mail. Now she has MSN messenger too, and we chatted for a bit today.

    Mostly she asked about my college stuff, her mom at her back trying to get my pictures. Nothing too interesting or controversial... Then why am I writing about this... Oops... Heh... Oh yes! There was something controversial: I gave her a link to Ted's photo album and quickly realized it was filled with Asians...

    Of course, to the native Chinese, there is no Asian brotherhood or anything like that like we have in the United States, so therefore, most of the people she regarded as generally "foreigners". But I explained to her about diversity in the United States and she asked whether that was good or bad. And then, I jokingly said that in the United States saying diversity is bad is politically incorrect. Anyway... it is interesting that she has no concept of "political correctness" as she lives in China. There are no politicians per se in China, and nobody does things for votes. Then again, everything is politically correct thanks to state controlled media, but there's no opposing side to provide a context on which the term politically correct can be used.

    Now, understand I'm not going on about how oppressive China is... I really hate people who do that, because they make it seem like the average citizen cries daily because they hate the oppressive yoke of communism. No, China is not that bad a place to live, and you can say whatever it is you want in private life. Nothing really changes in the course of ordinary life, but if you want to be a revolutionary, which is hardly ordinary, that is where things get dicey.

    In other news, I talked on the phone with my aunt, being severly shackled by my effecively 1st grader vocabulary. Sure, a lot of ideas can get across using that, but I miss my complete control of language and the subtle strokes I can use in English. A shotgun instead of a sniper rifle... It gets a little messy. Though perhaps, I should've used another analogy. I would use a painting one, actually. In any case, she first softened me up with some praise about my scholarly abilities, which I bore in awkward silence, because I lacked the vocabulary to properly demur. And then, she tore into me and pretty much accused me of being a jerk and a wimp during my last stay in China with my poor grandparents who wore forced to cater to (though they were very happy to as they were glad to see me at all) my extremely picky eating, and my inability to walk long distances in 110 degree weather with ungodly humidity during monsoon season in Shanghai (God, have some pity on the Portlander, here! I'm not built to withstand high temperatures! And long walking distances... we have things called cars and an uncrowded well-connected bus system here. And not to mention those mosquitos bit me almost exclusively out of the whole damn household. I guess it's my fresh, unbitten flesh. Physically, those summers were miserable. Gastronomically, they were heaven, though. And of course, I had a great time doing activities) and thus bills riding in taxis. There is of course, truth in all of that, and I regret the inconvenience (to put it mildly) I caused them, and of course my aunt apparently wasn't happy to see her parents exploited in that way, and that's understandable, but it's not like I was doing it callously or maliciously as she seems to be berating me for! I wasn't aware of all the trouble I was causing until she meticulously enumerated it to me just now over the phone. I tried to simultaneously express regret and innocence of knowing these facts, but it came out like a pile of paltry excuses due to my lack of mastery of Chinese.

    Oh well. Her fault for turning a social call into a guilt-fest. I still like her a lot, though, and the reason there is guilt is because she speaks truth (though perhaps not in the best medium), though I wasn't aware of it at the time.

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    Current Music: Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
    Friday, September 19th, 2003
    8:14 pm
    One note about my post about Tristan's self-gratulation earlier... For the record, Tristan doesn't like bragging. He really doesn't. He berated me for posting what he wrote like Dan Sterling would... WILL berate us for something indiscretionate that was said. In any case, Tristan doesn't like bragging and doesn't want to be known as a braggart: Like there is any danger of that! For the zero people who read this, this was an unusual display reserved for college and your opinion of him should be in no way affected! If it was, this writer is hereby absolving himself of any responsibility for personal injury, mental anguish, etc. should you choose to read it or have chosen to read it as this statement is active retroactively.

    Speaking of which... Heh. We (of the exec council) are going to get in trouble. For, of all things, allowing sexual displays in the assembly. I wasn't personally involved in that, but it would be irionic if Tristan and I are "talked to" for something of that order. I bet that a lot of good money would be paid to see us do some of the activities performed in the aforementioned assembly.

    Mr. Sterling is a good guy though and would be just doing his job, as he is required if Mr. Hamilton sees something that disturbs him. And Mr. Hamilton is just worried about parents.

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    8:03 pm
    So, I bought a MP3 player from eBay: Bad decision, because they won't let me return it. The thing won't boot up: It says that it can't detect the hard drive. So, I was trying to fix it by opening up, which I had a pretty good chance of doing because there were tutorials on the Internet on how to replace the hard drive. Unfortunately, however, I damaged the last screw trying to remove it. Some screwdrivers still have a little grip so if anyone has any ideas on how to remove it, I would be most grateful.

    I'm kind of annoyed at the selection of emotions that LiveJournal has... I would be putting "chagrined" as the emotion, but they don't list that. I wish I could put text as one and the image as one of the other ones. I'm disappointed right now, but in sort of an academic, distant way.

    I went over to Whitney's house today to work in her Dad's office where I'm helping him with a website. Unfortunately, I quite forgot until the end of the school day when I was about to go downtown with Shiyuan (to go home) and Jackie (Cameron) grabbed the back of my backpack. I didn't figure out what was going on until she and Whitney told me. Heh. Silly me. Very forgetful today... even forgot that Whitney was in my biology class. Whitney's Dad commented on how I was getting as bad as him. :-P

    Oh, yes... I promised Shiyuan to write this: Shiyuan is pretty! :-P

    Whitney's mom talked about her actually today (as they were dropping me off), and she said that she is an highly energetic, won't-let-anything-stand-in-her-way girl and I quite agree. Shiyuan is very something-or-other. Extremes describe her. I'd say she has a lot of charisma, which reflects an entire aura given by her personality. She is... I want to say intimidating but she really isn't, but she always gets her way somehow but not by subtleties. She is anything but subtle. Very clear and defined and forthright. Forthright in everything: Speech (like talking about condoms), and it is also reflected in the way she makes eye and physicsl contact forcing total communication and your full attention. In short, she is very interesting indeed. I had an IM conversation with her a long time ago when she asked me what is one word that would describe her. Luke apparently said "compassionate" and Tristan said "...interesting." I ducked the question by saying that it is impossible. But really, the essence of her aura is one of charisma, forthrightness, energy, and... something that says "Resistance is futile." :-P Those combined with the fact that she is (as she insists and I do not [dare not?] quibble) "a nice girl", makes her quite a nice person to be around.

    Stay tuned for Tristan's personality analysis next week. :-P Or maybe Luke's... I dunno. Luke wanted me to do a personality analysis for him to facilitate his college essay: I wish somebody would do one for me (which would include faults, etc.)

    Well, oops, accidently wrote more about Shiyuan than the MP3 player... the real topic of discussion, but I couldn't resist the temptation to do an in depth analysis (I've never done one on her before, and never before in this form of writing). Tristan and I analyzed ourselves the other night. Poor Tristan. Not enough self-confidence in what other people think of him (he might dispute this point). Still, I may try to examine him in the future, which would be harder because while I like Shiyuan for her "acute" personality, Tristan is slightly more subtle... especially since he is so private. Even I am less so now... Thanks to the efforts of Shiyuan and her AIM profile.

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    Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
    11:20 pm
    Yale Information Session
    Went to a Yale informational session at Grant. Ms. Brody was there! Apparently she is the regional coordinator person for Oregon and will be arranging our interviews with alumni when we apply (and perhaps doing some interviews herself). I think that's most fortuitous since I am applying to Yale and at least she will understand about my legal situation.

    Hassan has a bad opinion of her because of her conservatism and he believes that she only does Constitution to bolster her volunteer resume. This, of course, would also serve that purpose. I think she's nice enough and probably not evil. My mom talked to her. Hopefully she didn't embarrass herself that badly. In any case, I hope I get interviewed by her. That might tilt the scales in my favor a bit, or at least even it up.

    But that woman who talked! The admissions officer! It was amazing because she talked/acted/had the aura of Shiyuan! Absolutely astounding! Her vocal intonations and the way she strung sentences together is exactly like Yoyo's debate voice. I mean, she even had dark hair. And her gestures and the way she looks back and forth across the audience smiling is also exactly like her. Shiyuan should go to Yale. Then she would end up like this lady!

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    6:25 pm
    LHS Website Backdoor
    Woohoo... I finally got the second stage of the LHS website backdoor installed after some very ingenious (if I do say so myself) exploitation of some local UNIX commands... which was very, very difficult as I was only allowed one shot commands (I can't use my initial backdoor as a full terminal, I had to do everything in one session in one command). I was also disabled as I could not type any escape characters that I one could normally use at the Linux prompt... I couldn't even type the greater-than and less-than symbols without it messing up (because of piping)!

    Well, anyway, I got the second-stage, which is the file uploading thing up and things should be slightly easier now. The third problem is using su, which will be necessary so that other users, like Tristan, can upload their stuff. This will be a challenge because UNIX is paranoid about this kind of stuff and is designed to especially deter attempts such as this. So, it's like me vs. open-source paranoia.

    Of course, I can cheat and go back to school and install similar scripts for everyone that needs it... but that'd be too easy. Going back to school to do it would just be plain cheating.

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    Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
    11:03 pm
    Tired, but done (sorta)
    Oh Bob, I'm tired...

    Got done with the biology lab, but didn't get done the stupid little evaluation sheet. I'll do that during class or something. Didn't get done the essay. Beg Halpern for extension. Didn't get done the IB essay. Submit to God for forgiveness. Didn't get done the college essays or anything of that nature. Die.

    Reminder to self: Tristan for lunch, IB EE, and Halpern Essay are still on your plate... As well as possibly that history thing that you forgot but just remembered while writing this sentence. Also... never forget college apps.


    And also, what is wrong with me. I said no outbursts of emotions. Bah... This is turning into a real journal. And I'm updating way too often... Heheheh... but never fear! Novely will wear off soon.

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    9:40 pm
    Tristan is bragging!!
    I feel like a proud parent! =P Even though he's bragging in doing something I'm disqualified for on a pure technicality.

    I consider it my responsibility as a person to contribute to and help to improve the world around me, and this is where I think many of my interests and characteristics stem from. Although I can be competitive, I place more emphasis on doing jobs to the best of my ability and accomplishing my work in an honest manner. People know that they can count on me and trust me with important responsibilitilities. I enjoy working together with all types of people and often act as a mediator in group situations. One aspect of my character that is particularly strong is my respect for our natural environment. The planet on which we have evolved is one-of-a-kind, and one of my central concerns is that we do we not render it inhospitable for future generations. I am very active in my school’s Greens Club and have led several projects, including producing and selling notebooks made using a binding machine and paper reclaimed from school recycle bins...

    Ok, it's not much bragging, but notice People know that they can count on me and trust me with important responsibilitilities. This display of self-gratulation is completely foreign to Tristan Wagner! It is amazing!

    In other news... more INS stuff. This time, transplanted from a conversation:

    I don't care about this particular thing so much... Except for the fact that it is a SYMPTOM of a larger problem. Which is my complete inability to demonstrate my proficiency in any competition because of the INS. Even when they say that they accept people who are in the process of applying for perm. residence... The lowest of the low! I can't even qualify for that! This is sad.

    Current Mood: jubilant
    7:17 pm
    French song
    I'm posting these lyrics from a song from French class because I need to print them out at school tomorrow. It's a blatantly political song, that I am surprised we hear in French class... Not that I'm not liberal and I don't agree completely with the song (=P... btw... as I was typing this, I once again observed that English definitely needs have symbols to express explicit "order of operations"), but it just seems a little inappropriate, you know.


    Renaud et Axelle Red : "Manhattan Kaboul"

    (for anyone who hasn't heard the song, it's two people singing, one male and one female. I'm not going to bother mark out who sings what)

    Petit Portoricain, bien intégré quasiment New-yorkais
    Dans mon building tout de verre et d’acier,
    Je prends mon job, un rail de coke, un café,

    Petite fille Afghane, de l’autre côté de la terre,
    Jamais entendu parler de Manhattan,
    Mon quotidien c’est la misère et la guerre

    Deux étrangers au bout du monde, si différents
    Deux inconnus, deux anonymes, mais pourtant,
    Pulvérisés, sur l’autel, de la violence éternelle

    Un 747, s’est explosé dans mes fenêtres,
    Mon ciel si bleu est devenu orage,
    Lorsque les bombes ont rasé mon village

    Deux étrangers au bout du monde, si différents
    Deux inconnus, deux anonymes, mais pourtant,
    Pulvérisés, sur l’autel, de la violence éternelle

    So long, adieu mon rêve américain,
    Moi, plus jamais esclave des chiens
    Ils t'imposait l’islam des tyrans
    Ceux-là ont-ils jamais lu le Coran ?

    Suis redev’nu poussière,
    Je s’rai pas maître de l’univers,
    Ce pays que j’aimais tell'ment serait-il
    Finalement colosse aux pieds d’argile ?

    Les dieux, les religions,
    Les guerres de civilisation,
    Les armes, les drapeaux, les patries, les nations,
    Font toujours de nous de la chair à canon

    Deux étrangers au bout du monde, si différents
    Deux inconnus, deux anonymes, mais pourtant,
    Pulvérisés, sur l’autel, de la violence éternelle

    Deux étrangers au bout du monde, si différents
    Deux inconnus, deux anonymes, mais pourtant,
    Pulvérisés, sur l’autel, de la violence éternelle


    I can certainly relate to "so long, adieu mon rêve américain", well not quite for me. But my damn status tends to screw me out of a lot of scholarships and competitions and such. As I have mysteriously said in the past, when I rule the world, the INS will pay... dearly.

    Current Mood: sleepy
    Current Music: Renaud, Axelle Red - Manhattan Kaboul
    4:23 pm
    Dreams, et cetera
    Pretty good day today: Even though all work was finished at the last moment, it all worked out fine and everything was turned in without repercussions, similarly to how Tristan's Friday worked out.

    I had another one of those dreams last night: The omnipotent ones. I've been getting those a lot and they are very enjoyable. One can fly and fight with lightsabers and crush people's heads with the force without any effort. Of course, I didn't do anything violent. I'll summarize the dream for future reference: So evidently, there was some discrimination going on in the world or something. Some Middle East thing or something, but I managed to get all the oppressed people back to their own country... where they immediately launched a couple of nuclear missiles (I witnessed the launch, very cool) at their previous oppressors. So a nuclear war started. Luckily I was on a plane and wasn't actually on the ground as everything got nuked, and apparently the plane was radiation shielded. Only it wasn't because I got a narrative thing ("unbeknownst to our heroes"), and watched radiation filter in and turn all of us into little meat balls which were quickly eaten by a horde of very cute little dogs (beagles). Oh, btw, I was in first class. Well, anyway... So, then the dream restarted ("in an alternate scenario") where I apparently managed to properly synchronize the shield (so that it could reflect back the radiation which pulsed at 2 Hz) and we survived and were on this cool sailboat-747 hybrid. A 747 with CG sails in other words. Oh, and we met cool friendly radiation creatures who installed the sails (which also served as the shields). So we went from world to world in tradelanes (a la Freelancer) and I fought bad guys with my Force-like abilities. (Though I didn't have very good weapons... my sword went all melty and turned into like a melty steel whip in the middle of a battle). And I also fought this guy straight out of Cyberchase, which I was watching the other day (the "Hacker"), and captured his spaceship, too.

    In any case, now for the more interesting part: So with my omnipotent powers, I showed off a bit by floating to places (a la DBZ), including a weekly competition organized by the radiation creatures. In any case, one person gets nominated to go on the stand and do a dance. I got nominated, but I was confident that with my omnipotent powers I could do a very cool dance completely with flying and matrix-style moves. Also there was Shiyuan (complete with one of her purses) who was going to debate me. After I do the dance, if she beats me at some debate, she gets the prize money (which was in both coins and dollar bills arranged on the podium where I was to be). The dream ended before I got to dance or debate, however. =P

    There was also something else interesting today that I wanted to write about, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the fact that I forgot.... Oh, shoot, I forgot what I forgot (again, naturally).

    Today's homework is heavy again. Every class I got homework in today is in 1, 3, 5. Whee, how convenient. I need to write that Halpern essay, biology lab, and that crazy thing on the board in history.

    My right hand still smells good from Shiyuan's lotion. That hand massage was highly welcome and enjoyable, though my right hand now smells female. Oh, well.

    I'm not going to worry about what I forgot because I always can add more posts, and I don't care this post was too long and probably boring to other people because I'm not writing for them.

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    Monday, September 15th, 2003
    10:00 pm
    Biology homework
    Hmm. I think I'll keep homework in this journal... I mean, not much else use for it. It's not like I have a personal life that I want the entire Internet (or more realisticly, the 0 people who know about this blog) to know about. I mean, it's not like I have a romantic interest by the name of Lopez to constantly write about (**a jaunty salute to you-know-who**). :-P

    In any case, I'm doing biology: It is very busy work. I'll write the next part of the assignment here and copy it to my Word document:

    Species have common ancestors that can be traced back to the earliest beginnings: major biological theme.

    Darwin argued this: "descent with modification", and explained how it happens.

    Individuals vary within a species and they struggle for existence and the fittest are more reproductively fit.

    Natural selection generates unique adaptations.

    Darwin argues speciation can occur over time, and geograpic isolation.
    9:44 pm
    Start of journal
    So, this is my first "InsaneJournal" entry. This account was created mostly to facilitate Tristan and I's weblog, which I infamously never post to. Oh well... In any case, I might post here as well. No guarantees. As always with me, my posts will be long but infrequent. As most of my life is not really fit for public consumption, this will probably document only my projects, and perhaps occasional explosions of emotions (damn INS!) An effort will be made to keep the language clean to all except for the religious camp (some things are too serious for euphemisms... "darn INS" wouldn't have cut it). Oh well, can't please everyone.

    On a more personal note: Why is the school piling on so much homework this early in the year?! I thought this year is supposed to be easy! Oh well, back to homework.

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